Music: LOL Korobucci?! Obanikoro Supporters Remake Mavin Record’s Hit Track Dorobucci

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You know it’s really election season when you start hearing different versions of hit songs geared towards supporting a political aspirant. The first of many to come I’m sure come from supporters of the current Minister of State for Defense, Masiliu Obanikoro, dubbed Koronation. They have remade Mavin Record’s popular track, Dorobucci, and named in Korobucci.

Even though he’s yet to declare formally, it’s believed that Obanikoro will run for Lagos State governor. His supporters have already campaigning heavily on social media with the # koronation, #korobucci, and #korolette hashtags. Now looking to see how Don Jazzy will react to all this. And the song? Well let’s just say you’ll go back to the original once you’re done listening.

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