Music: “Samba” ft. PuffyTee (Prod. by Puffytee) + Samba Dance Competition

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“After the successful release of “Showapa featuring
the Musical Taliban “Oritse Femi” plus a nice video
to go with it and Dem Go Talk”. Georgetown is back
with a fresh club banger titled “Samba” featuring
Puffy Tee which was produced by #
MrBeatNoBeProblem “PuffyTee” himself and Mix by
Indomix. Georgetown didn’t keep his fans waiting
too much as he has dropped yet another banger
and DJs gotta keep the wheels waiting for this one.
Samba is a normal slang used for ladies with big
behind, so when we say roll your samba means roll
your behind. You just have to move your body and
shake your behind either you are black, white, fat or

Samba Dance Competition.

How To Participate:

1. Follow @iam_georgetown on instagram

2. Do a 15secs clip of your samba dance.

3. Upload it on instagram and tag it with #
SambaDance and cc @iam_georgetown

4. The contestant with the best dance and highest
number of likes would be selected as winner.

5. Winner’s Dance will be used in the Official Samba
Video and goes home with $300 after the shoot.

Watch the Viral Video below.