AUDIO: Chigozie Wisdom – Ese Gan Ni (Gospel)

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Chigozie Wisdom Anyanwu, producer of Christian Gospel music and experienced gospel singer, gives his famous hit single,’ Adupe Baba,’ a groovy remix; this time he’s named’ Ese Gan Ni.’ A song of thanksgiving for His good deeds to God.

As a young adolescent boy who went in search of daily bread, hawking on various bridges and streets, including the famous Third Mainland Bridge, where he witnessed various incidents, including people ran over by cars. This practice was intensified by Chigozie, couched with the danger of injuries, peer pressure and guilt.

Nevertheless, he was graciously anointed with a deep thought of true worship and sought reasons to swear absolute allegiance to God, to praise Him for complete redemption, eternal grace and guidance.

The song ‘ Ese Gan Ni’ in the three main Nigerian languages (WAZOBIA) conveys a profound sense of gratitude and gratitude to the Lord for his extreme care, mercy and love for his children.

Chigozie’s heart to the Father is saying “I’m Grateful!”.